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Review of AB and LO - Online Teaching Techniques

Review of Ana Morgado’s AB


Ana begins by noting that followed a guideline based on tips provided by Prof. Paulsen and colleagues to improve their AB.

She presents some references about online teaching techniques like the ones presented by prof. Paulsen in his report on the subject. We can access a page on these and other techniques from the Illinois Online Network, with specific examples of lessons, objectives, teaching strategies, among others. She also notes the importance of informal learning in enterprises with an article by Jane Hart. In the end, presents a video about social networks and the web 2.0 revolution.

I liked the references submitted by Ana. However, I think her final reflection is not suitable to the work. A reflection on the difficulties faced during the implementation of the activity suggested would make more sense in the activity forum or Ana’s blog than in the conclusion of her annotated bibliography. Here she should have presented a conclusion about online teaching techniques based on the references presented throughout the AB.

Review of Emanuel Teixeira, Joaquim Pinto e Ana Marmeleira’s LOs
I chose those three because I think they can complement each other and give a good lesson on online teaching techniques using different LO. I would start by presenting Emanuel’s video as an introduction to the subject, complementing that presentation with written material of Joaquim’s LO to assist on the learning process. Finally, in order to put into practice the acquired knowledge, I would introduce Ana Marmeleira’s quiz.

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