domingo, 23 de maio de 2010

Review of AB and LO - Transparency in online education

Review of Ana Marmeleira’s AB
Ana presents a varied selection of references. The quality of each one is at the basis of my choice. She begins by present a short introduction to the theme, naming each of her references. Then she presents each one with a short summary of the theme. The first and second references I already knew because they also were part of my Annotated Bibliography. Regarding the third reference I think it was interesting Ana having made a reference to the learning contract developed at the UA. Actually, this model allows from the beginning the knowledge of u. c. what makes teaching more transparent. The last reference describes a situation in which increasing transparency in a course leading to improved student outcomes.
I think Ana has demonstrated the capacity to synthesize and their choices portray the theme of transparency in different ways, without falling into repetition. However, I think that Ana could give us a conclusion or share their own ideas in the summaries presented.

Review of Ana Marmeleira’s LO
For the LO Ana create a Prezi ( that I think it’s organized and clear. Ana focuses on our course as an example of transparency in online education. The existence of a personal presentation and the learning contract for each course are examples that promote transparency. Ana did a good job. However, I wish she had developed a little over the two issues presented prior the conclusion: "Am I Supposed to show my work to everyone?" and "What level of transparency is the most suitable for each student?" because I think they are key issues for productive development of online courses.

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